If you mess with a Devil, there will be hell to pay…

Mike Monroe’s Marine Corps platoon are more than just fellow Devils.  They’re family. Rowdy, tough, and tightknit, despite their differences, they have each other’s backs no matter what. After all, they’ve trained together, fought together, killed together, and celebrated many a drunken night together. Nothing can come between them. 

Until a double date turns into an ambush, one with dire consequences for all involved. But who attacked them, and why?  

Family and friends of the Devils rush to their side. Bonds and ties are relied on. As the hidden motives behind the incident are slowly revealed, long-buried secrets are exposed that put the lives of everyone involved at risk . . .  and threaten the very fabric of the brotherhood itself.

Sequel coming soon...

"Couldn't put this one down..." --- Amazon Reviewer

A wolf is slain by day. In darkness his pack hunts prey...

Devils be nimble, Devils be quick, Devils too slick for foes' tricks! Devils do what Devils pursue, fire against fire! Go big or go home, the bold... wins the throne!

A tinge of West Side Story, and a dab of Romeo and Juliet. A mix of Platoon, and a stuffing of The Outsiders. Round it all up, and a case of Kings and Killers rises up.



Why Night King? Because insomnia writes his novels. Not the greatest muse to have, but it works for him. His stories come from dreams born of his time in the Marines. During World War I, Marines fought so ferociously against the Germans that they coined them as Devil-Dogs. As for the series name? Scarlet and gold being the Marine Corps colors. 

First, there was high school, then the Marines, then college. Since college, E.J. worked to write his first-in-a-series debut novel. As a Marine 'Devil', he was privy to information about cases pending within the Uniform Code of Military Justice. He's used this knowledge to inform the plot of his novel and the motivations of his characters.

In his photo, for all intents and purposes, he didn't intend for such a dark and menacing expression, lol. He was only going for a straight face, but take it as you will.

Writing that's worth a damn and earns your time to read. For any legacy, that's good enough for me.

Chew it up and savor it. Dream about it until the next early sunlit.